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The Best Podcasts.

No more endless scrolling through the hundreds of podcasts.
We do this for you and find the most interesting ones. Weekly.
Powerful features meet carefully curated collections and minimalist design.

Curated Collections

Don't waste your time trying to find new podcasts.
Carefully curated collections of new and exciting episodes will be delivered weekly.

Skip Silence and Intros

Save hours by automatically cutting silence and intros from episodes.

Volume Booster

Increase the volume of voices and decrease the background noise.
You will finally be able to hear your favorite hosts loud and clear.

Sleep Timer & Night Mode

Set the timer before going to sleep and we will pause your episode so you won't miss anything.
Night mode will let your eyes to get that much needed rest.

Episode Preview

Preview the episode and save yourself a download if you don’t think it's interesting enough.

Giving Back To Our Planet

We're helping to restore forests and bring life to the areas that have lost it. For every 10 premium subscribers, we will plant a tree and post a unique photo and coordinates of each tree on our website.